Developers October 16, 2020

Help with technology stack for a side project


I am looking for a quick and dirty way to put together the back end for my side project.

The problem:
There are 300 real estate agents with a total of 10,000 across all agents. Every client wants to receive a monthly update on their property value along with some market commentary. The agents pay for the valuation and market commentary and need these monthly reports to be branded with their name and contact.

My theoretical solution:
The property valuation can be done in Python. I am thinking of using MailChimp for sending out the emails.

My questions:
I have never worked with MailChimp. Would it allow me to create 10,000 customized emails through an API?

Is there a better tech stack for this?

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    Just use SendGrid or MailGun or something f similar if you need API access.

    Nice side project, how’d you get 300 realtors wanting this?

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    I'm pretty sure you can create emails with MailChimp's API. They may or may not be more than you need though. I'd checkout Sendgrid or Mailgun too. They probably all have their downsides - I've seen other IH say they have deliverability issues to some domains with Sendgrid, and I've personally had a terrible time with Mailgun support.

    Your customization would be done in your tech stack. So as your python script is calculating valuations, you can send the customized emails. Not sure if you can do that with Python, or if you'll need Python to talk to something else like a Node/Express API that will do it for you.

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