Developers December 2, 2020

Help with what language I should be using?

Wayne O'Neill @BigDreamer

I'm designing an app based on a spaced repetition schedule.
I need the user to input data and for that data to be checked against what is in the database.

I think I should be using python, but I'm not sure what languages I should be using.

Has anyone got any experience building something similar?

Thanks in advance,

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    Are you focusing on the mobile market? Then take a look at flutter or React Native.

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      Thank you for your reply.

      Yea it is focused on the mobile market.
      I was thinking of a web-based app that can be accessed on both android and ios just to make it easier on myself initially. Native android and ios apps would follow.

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        Flutter is cross-platform (web, android, ios)

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          +1 to flutter, it would save you time down the line.

          Depending on the actual application, you might still need a backend/server in which case whatever language you’re most comfortable with.

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    Is it a web app, a mobile app or a desktop app?

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    Use the language you're most productive in.

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