May 27, 2019

Helping business buyers discover how easy it is to integrate to our


Hi all, long time follower. This is my first post here in the community forum.
Almost everybody who tried loved it, from CEOs to 7 year olds.
In case you haven't tried the demo, it's a visual travel search. You upload a photo and get flight and hotel details for that spot.

How do I make it clear to potential business subscribers that it's really easy to integrate into their travel booking web or mobile app?

  • Sample apps?
  • Developer instructional videos?

I truly believe that by them making instafly available to their users, they are differentiating their service by adding magic to users' experience.
At the same time I understand the nature of decision making in big companies and the complicated calculations they have to make.

What works for you almost every to help your buyers/subscribers realize the benefits of your product or service?


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    Your site doesn't seem to be responsive, so I couldn't properly view your offering on mobile.

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      This comment was deleted a year ago.

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