Growth November 21, 2020

Helping fellow makers made me reach 3rd rank on PH

Ankit Ghosh @Ankit_Kaknut

Hi Fellow Makers,

So I'm here again with another helpful post. So I launched my product today on ProductHunt and within 4hours I went to 3rd rank on PH.

You guys would be amazed to know that, I went to 3rd rank with very few upvotes.

I had 47 upvotes while the 4th product then had 76 upvotes.

Do you know why I was 3rd despite having fewer upvotes?

The answer is engagement. So I stay pretty active in Telegram communities and try to help whenever possible. This helped me build a personal relationship with a lot of makers.

So when I shared the launch news with them, they went ahead to not just upvote but also leave a nice comment on the PH page.

So lesson learned, being helpful helped me in long term.

Even Neil Patel(one of the well-known SEO expert) said the same thing in one of his videos.

  1. 1

    Really helpful advice. Thank you for sharing! And good on you to being helpful :)

  2. 1

    Congrats man! We've chatted a few times in the Makerlog telegram, so happy for you :)

    (You had my upvote, ofc)

    1. 1

      Thanks, man!!

      Just trying to build small swimming with these drops of support.

  3. 1

    Wow, I like this tip a lot. Any Telegram communities you like being a part of? Would love if you shared!

    1. 2


      Makerlog, JAMstack Makers, MicroStartups are few great place,s to begin with.

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