Landing Page Feedback March 12, 2019

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Fernando Varela @fvarela

Hi IH! I would appreciate any feedback on the following landing page:
I put a facebook ad out there to see if people subscribed with their email. So far I've had 25+ clicks and 0 emails :(. Any feedback would be appreciated. The ad basically says "Do you have hundreds of links you never revisit?" with a 'nice' picture and people can click a 'Learn More' that takes them to the landing page shown above.

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    Hey there,

    I think there are a few things you can do to juice up the page's success.

    You do a great job explaining the pain point, but you don't really articulate what the product is. Is it a site, app, web app, chrome plugin?

    You may want to show instead of tell. Not sure how far along you are with the product, but showing snippets of the product, instead of these large text blocks should be more effective (people generally don't read much on sites).

    Introduce story telling. Instead of just saying "here's the problem, we're the solution", guide the user through a visual story line. Make them feel the problem and long for your solution.

    Finally, I do like the opening line. It's cheeky, and I got what you were implying. You may want to AB test something that's extremely to the point though. "Invest for free". Extremely direct.

    Hope this helps a bit. Keep going!

    PS I signed up :)

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      Wow, thank you very much for all this feedback.
      I will act right away on it!