May 31, 2019

Helping side-projects get free employees/help

Daniel Hangan @scooch

Hey fellas, there are many inexperienced developers, marketers, designers that are looking to build their portfolios while helping others build their dream projects.

So here is the question:
If you are building your portfolio: Would you be willing to join a side-project to help entrepreneurs success? If yes, what would you want in exchange?

If you are an entrepreneur: Would you be willing to get help from a self-educated enthusiast that is in the stage of building their portfolio? If yes, what would you sacrifice/give to the person helping you out?

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      Is it open for International students or work from home? I'm an Alumni of a business school, perhaps I can help the students to enroll for the free courses and then assure them an internship based on their proficiency (obviously)

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        Yeah work from home is allowed.

        Good English will be needed, as most companies hiring are American.

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      this is nice but I was thinking of a marketplace where founders post their projects and students/apprentices have to choose a project and request to join

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        Guessing Genm found out that having apprentices make posts increased conversions.

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          Not sure, I see that they are helping digital nomads learning digital marketing get hired quicker by guaranteeing a job/experience after a 12-week course.

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            They help anyone, they offer free marketing courses, and then let you do 3+ internships over 3 months.

            Then they have a paid platform as well, you can use after you complete the internships.

            The idea is one of the most complete solutions I have seen for youth and people needing retraining. Best part is no cost to the employee, unlike other companies that charge 20K+ and college/universities that change £45k+ in the UK.