Community Building May 31, 2020

Here is a community-building course to help early-stage/future entrepreneurs & community builders | ---<Pubb Builder Project>

Kangle Lin @kanglelin

I started to build communities since I was 17. Every one of my business projects was a community-building related project. From to (more details on

I notice that a lot of entrepreneurs and community builders don't know the process and the basics of building a community. I saw a lot of mistakes that are preventable.(I have made those mistakes in the early stage) I decided to give a course on the basics and the process of community/project building.
It's a cohort-based project, so you will be in a small cohort of builders who are just as passionate as you are. The goal isn't just to give the course, but also to build a community for builders to help and support each other.

Here is the link for it. feel free to reach out to me or comment below!

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    That's interesting - I'm sending you an email now

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      cool man, I saw that. just replied. I like ur project, interested wanna know more.
      Let's talk!