Here's a free and easy way to find Quora questions with over 1,000 views, but only 1 answer

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    Seems like it only shows the first tweet in the thread here on IH, so you will need to click to expand the thread

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      This is awesome, thanks for sharing

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        Glad it’s helpful :)

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    this is brilliant hack

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      Thanks, hope you can utilize it!

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    Dude! Super useful! Thanks 😁

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    it doesn't actually work correctly but try this

    site:quora.com marketing "view 1 upvoter" -answers

    Thank You,
    Platform: https://katang.io

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    Clever stuff. Thank you for sharing!

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    Awesome tip! Thanks a lot for sharing :)

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    How useful do you find Quora? I feel like it became such a dumpster with every post marketing their product that I stopped using it. Is it any better for you?

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      There are definitely some hidden gems

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    why does this matter?

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      Most Indie Hackers could probably use this to find questions where they could plug their product or service

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    Thank you! This is awesome!

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      Hope you can put it to good use 🤓

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    Very cool. Thanks for sharing!

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      No problem, hope it’s helpful 😊

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    Awesome sharing. Thanks a lot, Davis.

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      Hope you can utilize it for good 🤓

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