Here's why Twitter is a great growth tool

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    Agreed - almost completely! haha

    Example: I've been on IndieHackers for years, but I got to know you through... Twitter!

    For me, I haven't found many app users on Twitter, but I have found lots of friends. These are people I get great insights from, and people who will help me out along the way!

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      Absolutely, Andrew. It has been fun getting to know you, and you know how much I value all the kind people I've been able to build relationships with :)

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    Totally agree.

    So much proof too in the people who are leveraging Gumroad for digital products.

    Many are on Twitter and are utilizing it for this very reason.

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      You're right!

      I recently saw an account with as little as 500 followers make money by launching on gumroad. It's a huge asset.

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    What tips would you give to someone like me that just opened his account on Twitter? Honestly I never understood how to "grow" any kind of audience on this platform :/

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      Hey! Yeah, you can see this thread I made about how I've grown my account to 400 followers (still applicable as I've grown it to 600).

      Also, interact with people and make some friends. Get to know each other, and really focus on building relationships, not followers!

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        Awesome! Thank you for sharing your process 😊!

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      If you want a little more direct way to grow on Twitter, there's a big master thread here:

      This one, in particular, is great for beginners:

      I'm not very consistent with it, but start out by following some people:

      • Accounts with few followers will follow you back 10-20% of the time.
      • Accounts with a lot of followers give you great content to read, and then you can respond with your own experiences, ideas, thoughts, etc.

      It's the people you interact with often (and authentically) that end up helping in the beginning (that's where I am :).

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    How is it possible to have 197k impressions while you only have 300 followers ?
    Did one of your tweets become viral ?
    If yes, can you reproduce the success ?
    If you can't, how can you say that twitter is a great growth tool when the only factor to success is luck ?

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      Over the course of April, I had 212k impressions. I never had a tweet reach more than 100 likes.

      In the first 4 days of May, I've had around 38k impressions from a few tweets that have had no more than 60 likes.

      So, to answer your questions:

      No, I did not go viral.
      Yes, I can reproduce the success.

      I have also consistently had reddit posts reach 200 upvotes along with rewards in the last month or two. Don't believe me? Check it out:


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      It really doesn't take much to expand your visibility on Twitter.

      I have fewer followers than Josh, but even at that, once or twice a month, I tweet, retweet with comment, or reply to something and it gets visibility way beyond my reach.

      For April, I see this:
      Top Tweet earned 12.2K impressions

      The last few months, with a little interaction, I've had around 50k impressions/mo with a whopping 100-150 followers haha

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      Thanks for the clarification 😊

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