Product Development February 16, 2020

Hesitant on launching my web app

Olsi Odobashi @olsiodobashi

I've been working on a web app about the #dailyui design challenge for the past few months and I finally have an MVP, along with a list of enough subscribers to get me started. Problem is I feel like I lack the skills necessary to move the project forward, specifically content and marketing.

Anyone have any advice? Should I start looking for a partner that will cover those, or just release the app and hope for the better? Thanks in advance!

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    Ship it!

    If you don't have any marketing it might grow very very slowly.

    If you don't ship it, it 100% definitely won't grow at all.

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    Launch it and learn those skills, or find a cofounder. You'll figure it out.

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    Think you should launch and it see what happens. You might be thinking too far ahead.

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    Good question. A partner can bring some needed perspective and steam to the project. That being said, there are a lot of folks that push an MVP with little to no marketing or growth outreach and do just fine.

    Ultimately, go with your gut. It will not lead you astray. Good luck!