Learning to Code March 1, 2020

Hey Everyone! What are some Good tools to Learn some JS Better?

Arav Narula @Aravnarula

Hey Fellow Indie Hackers!,

I'm looking for some Good Resources To learn Javascicpt a Bit Better, I already know Html and Css, Thanks!

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    I would say the best resource is picking a small idea, cutting it in half, and then trying to actually build it.

    I learned way more about Javascript and DOM manipulation building my little web app (http://thisappwillgiveyouabs.com/) than I ever did from a course.

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    I was able to fast-track my progress by using a mentor. It's a paid service, but he provides lots of value and the main advantage is you don't get stuck on problems for days.

    He's able to take on a few more mentees if you're interested: https://www.facebook.com/cristi.florea.9465

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    I'm kind of amazed nobody mentioned MDN. Mozilla's docs are by far the best JS resource I've ever used.

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    There's loads of great articles on medium, and Youtube has some excellent content.

    As @joshdance said, the best way is to build your own project. If that intimidates you pick up a course that has a project as part of it and will guide you through the process. https://teamtreehouse.com have some amazing project-centric courses on there for all languages.

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    I'm always on youtube. Check out this guy his channel. He has some really good stuff: https://www.youtube.com/user/TechGuyWeb

    Here's one beginners guide https://youtu.be/hdI2bqOjy3c