Meetups February 20, 2020

Hey if you're reading this (Austin-based indie hackers)


I'm looking for Austin-based indie hacker coworkers! I'm in East Austin and want to work 1-3 days a week with people who are ideally: (co)founders, marketers, B2C, and have some traction on their projects. We can annoy each other with our endless stream of bad ideas! And then help each other filter for the good ones :)

Not looking for a co-founder currently, but would like to hang out with some other like-minded entrepreneurs and swap strategies or just soundboard off each other.

Both my companies are digital-physical. One of my businesses is a local small business activity company built entirely from online marketing. The other one is a physical product: maps for preppers.

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    Hey, in Houston, visit Austin frequently and will be relocating there soon. We haven't launched yet, but moving towards that quickly. Sal

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      Hit me up next time you're here: [email protected]

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        For sure!

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    Hey there, I'm based in ATX and would love to meet up -- let me know if you want to grab coffee and chat: [email protected]