Landing Page Feedback April 8, 2019

Hey Indie Hackers! Can I boost the conversion rate on this?

Étienne Garbugli @indieorbust

I launched a course about a year ago. It's been selling and I've been getting good feedback, but I wanted to improve the pitch to increase the conversion rate (currently at ~ 1.5%).

I changed the pitch, flow, testimonies, summary, etc. I'd love any feedback on it.

The new landing page is here:


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    Two ways to boost the conversion rate:

    1. Convince more of your visitors to buy, or
    2. Make sure the people visiting your site are a better fit for what you're selling

    I know that sounds a bit silly/obvious, but in my experience people focus on point 1 and neglect the much more significant wins they could make by working on point 2...

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      Thanks Louis, in March, I "controlled" visitor profiles for about 58% of visitors (referrals, emails, etc). I have some level of influence over organic traffic, but I'm hoping to drive more email and ad traffic to the page, so I'm focused on #1. Hoping to double the conv rate with a better pitch, what do you think of the LP pitch?


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    It depends on what kind of traffic is landing on that page.

    Is it a cold audience? Build a longer funnel. Give visitors the first 3 lessons for free in exchange for their email address and try to sell at the end of the sequence.

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      Right now I have 214 posts, an email course, a few samples here and there, and I'm driving a lot of signups each month.

      In March, page traffic was 46.7% referrals, 36.50% organic, 9.49% email, and 7.30% direct more or less. There should be some level of awareness when people land on the site, but it could always be better. :-)

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    Have you tried with something like

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      I have on the site/blog, but not on the course page.

      I use Podia as my course platform, and it requires the bigger plan to inject custom scripts like that.

      It's a great idea, but I'm hoping to maximize conversions with the current setup, before doubling my platform costs.

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