Indie Women June 2, 2020

Hey ladies, what are you working on right now?

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry

This one is for the indie women...what are you working on right now?

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    This week I'm working on one of my dormant side projects, Money I won't Miss, basically it's Kickstarter or Dragons' Den for early stage or small startups where you can "invest" a bit of money ... 5 to 100 dollars.
    The MVP is a simple zoom pitch in front of experienced entrepreneurs, if they like it they invest in you.
    I'd love to have atleast one lady as a "Dragons" :)

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    Hey girls! I am working on Kelyst! Its a tool for home seekers and my main goal of this month is to have first real users! 😊

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    Hi indie women! I'm working on launching my first mobile app - Imaginarie. The app is a fun way to get your imagination going and change your mood with our mini-meditation cards.

    I've been working on this for a while, but in the last few months, everything changed. I changed the name, visual design, and converted it from a PWA to real mobile apps. I'm really excited about the new direction and can't wait to share when it's ready for beta testing.

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      Hi Elena - what's your reason for switching away from PWA? I'm curious.

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        I still believe in the dream of PWAs and I'll offer a PWA version of my app, but there were a few reasons it made sense to switch to a hybrid app.

        1. I'm using Capacitor to add a native shell, so for the most part I'm still able to write one version of my Vue app and have it work everywhere.
        2. I'm offering subscriptions, and in-app-purchases are the smoothest way for users to pay, and what people are used to.
        3. Access to native features. For example, audio is a big part of my app and the user experience for native audio is way better, especially notification controls. I ended up writing native code for Android and iOS, and it's worked out well.
        4. People know how to install apps. I had about 8 different versions of instructions on installing the PWA, because even different Android browsers do it differently.
        5. iOS support just isn't where it needs to be.

        Anyway, I hope things continue to get better in the PWA space!

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          Those are compelling reasons. It makes a lot of sense. Congrats and good luck with your venture. I would love to see it when it is ready.

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    Hey everyone 👋, currently working on 'Llama' which helps people organise and visualise time by combining a to-do list with a countdown timer. Just launched a bare bones version a few weeks ago. Running a few facebook ads to see who it resonates with. If you have a quick moment, would love to see what you think. It's the first project where I've done both the design and development by myself!

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    Working on a digital agency for veterinary hospitals. So far it has been a lot easier to grow and market for than a product. It is also really nice that I only need a handful of clients to be sustainable as opposed to dozens. One of these days I do want to build a product, but not right now.

    The niche also keeps me focused and prevents me from running after "shiny frameworks and programming languages".

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    Two main things:

    1. We're planning to release a free "mini" product to help generate leads for our main product (it's a broken link checker for Amazon affiliate links). So we're wrapping that up and hope to start promoting it soon.

    2. I'm seeing the first signs of organic traffic to our SaaS website (besides searches for the brand name) so I want to see if I can start getting some content to rank slowly but surely.

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      what's the product? it checks amazon affiliate links?

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        the main product is an analytics tool for optimizing conversion specifically on affiliate websites.

        so amazon is just one detail, but a pretty big one in a lot of niches we're looking at. that's why we think it's important have a good set of features for people who're "mainly" on amazon.

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    Hey ladies, sort of new here, so hi! I'm working on Prism, which is a visual bookmarking app, that also lets you discover what others have bookmarked. It's sort of like Pinterest, but for websites.

    There is a lot of work to do...! Right now it's a very simple MVP which lets you bookmark and view screenshots of your bookmarks on a single board. My plans are to make discovery much better though. Just today I was checking out a friend's board, and I discovered some great new resources. So we really need to build a feed view and make it easier to find people with similar interests so you can see what they've bookmarked. It's a whole new social platform with so much to do!

    Also, looking for a technical partner! So if you or anyone you know is interested, reach out!

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      Just tried it out. It looks great! The onboarding process was especially easy.

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        Thank you @elena_cz! That was the goal! ;) If you want to check out my bookmarks, I'm here:

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    • Cleaning up the product flow (DIYing it) for my biz:
    • Helping the content marketer get more robust perspectives from different people for a refugee relocation campaign she is working on
    • Organising everything in Notion
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    I'm working on writing my book, "The Remote Work Era," which I intend to finish this month and publish in July!

    I'm also working on potentially bringing my brother (recent college grad) in as a summer intern for my agency, and figuring out educational materials to put together to teach him about web content writing, sales, etc. and processes for what I'll have him help me with.

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    Now that we've settled on for our Knowledge Center (thanks for the inspiration @rosiesherry!), I'm working on getting it filled up with the dozens (maybe hundreds?) of templates, guides, frameworks, presentations, spreadsheets, docs, links, etc etc etc I've gathered over the years.

    I'm a this is going to take a while!

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      Hi @missrogue, I'm amazed by how you built Truly into a 110k/mo product. Would love to get your guidance on how I could grow into a successful platform as well :)

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        Truly is a services company (not a product), which is a very different business model. I can say that it's 20-years in the making! I've been working as a consultant and writing/giving away advice for 20 years...which leads to referrals and leads for the business today. However, today we're aiming to build a product that replaces that income in a scalable manner: :) That will be a very different model!

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    Hi Hope you're fine I'm working on this project right know it's my recently i lost my job and working on this to earn on self.

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    Trying to decide if I should start building statdesk. I have done some customer interviews, and I have a sense of the direction I should take and the positioning for my product.
    Ideally, I would be lining up a pipeline of buyers, but I don't know how to sell an incomplete product against existing competitors, so I'm not sure if building right now is worth the risk.

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    Great to here what everyone else is doing.

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    • Major overhaul of Xapnik's landing page.
    • QA frontend integration of Stripe for subscriptions
    • soft launch (hopefully!)
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    Writing my May retro and setting goals for June.

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    What about you Rosie? :)

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      I'm working on Indie Hackers! Mostly day to day stuff plus new online meetups.

      And a talk for tomorrow for

      This week I got asked to do a podcast and another talk elsewhere, my stance on those now is to ask people to make donations instead of a fee or just doing it for free.

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        Oh cool! Good luck with your talk! There are so many important causes to support right now, so it makes sense to ask for that :)

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      Note ‘Ladies’ in the title/subject 🤣

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        Oh geez. That’s what happens when I stay up late 😂