Ideas and Validation February 22, 2021

Hey launches Hey World. A Substack competitor?

Leo Nagano @Leo
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    The one thing they don't have (and probably won't?) is a paid newsletter option.

    Looks like @joshuaanderton is working on that with Upscribe!

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    Looks super nice and clean.

    …Although I think we're about to enter a new era where the big social networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) all offer more-or-less the same thing, but with distribution to your followers built in. That's a very hard sell to ignore if you want people to actually read your content. For most IHers, I imagine Twitter will be the best option.

    And of course, you can already use Ghost to whip up something like this super quickly

    So although it looks niec, I'm not seeing what makes it exciting except that it's new.

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      It looks like:

      Do you have a Hey email?

      • Yes. Why not try it? (but at the moment is for internal use only)
      • No. Why should I try it?
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      Agreed, I think Substack will be relegated to a niche player in the not so distant future. Not Boring makes the case for that (yes, on Substack)

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      Perhaps the fact that there's no tracking pixel. That can drive readers who are concerned about privacy. We know every other platform is going to track the hell out of every reader.

      But no tracking creates a bigger problem for the writers. If there's no data how do you know how you are doing.

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    Isn't this just email..? What is the substack newsletter component?

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    Oh, that's super cool.

    I don't have a Hey email, but having that might actually convert me. 👀

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    When I write a certain kind of email — aka a blog post — why do I have to address it to someone? Why can't I just address my thoughts to the world? Direct to the web for anyone and everyone? Rather than define the recipients, I just write and let the recipients find me.

    This post you're reading right now is the world's first HEY World post. And I published it by simply emailing this text directly to [email protected] from my [email protected] account. That was it.

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