Hey Marketers & Hackers! Could you lend me a hand on my latest project?

Hey everyone!

My main gig Aurora Digital, a digital agency here in Finland is currently experimenting with a new idea, we want to create design & digital work subscription service, we're hoping to have it set up by the start of next month.

Our main targets are Marketers & Entrepreneurs, but we'd love to hear from others as well.

Please fill out our survey so that we better, if you're interested drop us your email and we'll follow up with an early bird discount :)


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    Hi Emil!

    Just sharing my input that I added in the survey as well:

    "I think it is an interesting approach although I wonder what the pricing will have to be to make it sustainable for your company (will most likely put it outside of the range for me).

    Also, I probably do not need continuous access to design but more sporadic. Once in so many months to make a grand version up date, and that is it. I can imagine for somebody that needs more continuous design input it can be valuable but he/she will have to way it out against hiring somebody internally or just finding a contractor to work with long-term. But I can imagine your subscription can be a great replacement, though I wonder when one would decide to take a subscription; I can also just pay per hours only when needed for a contractor.

    Maybe a very, very fast production rate is something that can set you apart and matches with being willing to pay a subscription; for those that often need a design created with the snap of a finger."

    All the best and good luck with the project 🙏


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      Hey Valentjin! Thanks a lot for filling out, and yes you're right there are several ways to plan this project.

      Regarding price & speed, currently, we have been aiming to see if we can make ourselves be a bit higher end, that we let our designers put more time and hopefully deliver designs of higher quality, the main idea is that there are more competitors in the "cheap & quick" market while I'd like to be able to promise higher quality :)

      Thanks for signing up, later this month we'll do some more outreach and perhaps you'll be able to give us more feedback!

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        Got it.

        Well, I wish you all the best. I am probably not really part of your target group but if I can help, let me know.


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