HEY World launched yesterday. Great opportunity to #buildinpublic

Yesterday I received the following email:

Now every personal HEY customer gets a personal blog and email newsletter for sharing their writing, ideas, and thoughts with the world. It's included with your account at no additional charge.

And it's as simple as emailing [email protected]. That's it!

Here's a page explaining how it works: https://hey.com/world.

And I must say:

It's amazing.

I think it's a great opportunity for Indie Hackers that are thinking about building in public.

I will write about my #buildinpublic journey every single day.

Starting today.

Here we go: https://world.hey.com/meydjer

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    I have to say, I completely agree. Creating a way for you to get you out there, without any friction, without any over-thinking, could be awesome.

    As a writer, all too often I get caught up planning/thinking ahead ("what if I want to be in control and have my own domain..."), but, truthfully, the process of writing freely and putting myself out there is more powerful for me than anything else. This provides an excellent opportunity to do just that.

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    This is a brilliant idea, but I have a concern, when I tried out 'Hey' it did not support using our own domain names, and I think it still doesn't.

    So the last thing I need is my content on a URL that is not controlled by me, this maybe nothing, but it's something to think about when you put content out there and might want to move it or better own the location later.

    It's still a great idea though that hopefully other services will look into.

    1. 1

      Man, I used to agree with you, but these last few days I’ve been thinking that we kind of overestimate having our own domain.

      Networks like Twitter and Medium are there to show that.

      In the end, if your content is good, your audience will end up following you wherever you are.

      1. 1

        An interesting point, it does feel like more people use either a social network or just Google things rather than think about going to a domain these days.

        Certainly something I need to think about more and keep an eye on.

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    I think they're onto something with this feature. I was going to let my subscription run out, but decided to keep it due to this feature.

    1. 1

      That is interesting. Are you planning to use this feature often or is it more of that you like the direction they are going in with this?

      1. 2

        One of my main obstacles in publishing personal content consistently has been seeting up/maintaining the tech. This completely removes that barrier for me. So I do plan on using it often. I also like the general direction of frictionless content creation.

    2. 1

      Do you have any guess?

      1. 1

        Any guess about what?

        1. 1

          "I think they're onto something with this feature. "

          1. 2

            I just mean that I think this feature will be popular and a major reason why some people stay/register for hey. It solves a big problem. I know they're not into tracking, but I do hope they add some very very basic analytics eventually.

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    Oh wow, I didn't realise this launched so recently! Someone came to Cloakist wanting to put their Hey World site at their own domain, and I was thrilled to hear of this new platform that I can get customers from.

    Excited to see where it goes.

    1. 1

      Smart pitch! I'll take a look on Cloakist later.

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    interesting. I thought about something similar the other day --- how could you create content as a beginner without the need to setup a blog.
    For example, if my mother would like to write about the food in our home country - how could she do that easily. Would be interesting if hey.com has any SEO for that service integrated.

    1. 1

      That's why I'm building panakit.com
      I want people to be able to create a blog and customise as they like without coding or managing servers

  6. 1

    Shameless plug: you can publish posts via email with www.dynablogger.com too, in markdown and with any email service and email client. And you can use themes, fully customize them with the built in editor, use custom domains, collaborate with other users and more. It has all the features most people need to publish content without any bloat, and it’s affordable. If you would like something more than Hey World check it out! There’s a free 14 days trial (no credit card required) so it’s easy. You get to support a fellow indie hacker too 😀

  7. 1

    It will be interesting to see how this turns out. Looks like posthaven without the additional cost and as simple as sending an email.

  8. 1

    damn what a simple but brilliant idea

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