May 2, 2019

Hi Guys, I've created Simple Standup Meeting app for Slack. Would appreciate your Feedback!

Sahil Deliwala @sahildeliwala

Hi IH,

I've created an simple app for create Standup Meetings on Slack.
Check it out here:

Let me know your feedback!
What features would you like to suggest?


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    What makes your bot different from the multiple other standup bots out there?

    The landing page's grammar needs a lot of fixing. Consider using a tool like grammarly to help with that.

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      Hey Vivek! Thanks for your feedback

      Its basic version now - Sort of MVP - I'm planning to add more features in coming weeks

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        Nice. Keep it up!

        How are those features going to differentiate you?

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    Agreed with @bcosynot regarding grammar. I'd also take it one step further and hire someone from Fivr to make an editorial review and even change the wording to make it more professional. It'll probably cost $5 or something.

    Also, your headline says it's the #1 tool, but honestly your website doesn't suggest that at all. So you already lost my trust (which is very important). What makes it the #1 tool?! I'd avoid general claims like this and instead say something like "the cheapest standup bot" or something more specific that you can prove.

    Also, why is your pricing hidden in the FAQs? Seems a bit unprofessional.

    Sorry for being blunt! Overall, these are all things that are easy to fix, and I do understand you're just starting out! So Kudos to you! I do hope your feature set is attractive enough though, as it is a crowded market for you as @bcosynot pointed out. At my company ( we use Status Hero for standups.

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      @eahefnawy Thanks for your valuable feedback!
      yeah you make pretty good points will update