Hidoki - build in public

Hi everyone 👋,

Excited to announce that Hidoki is now out of closed beta and available for all.

What's Hidoki?

The best way to build in public! Hidoki lets you share your projects, your project updates, and get feedback from your users. If you're a dev, it's similar to how open source projects work on GitHub, but without the code.

See how I'm building Hidoki in public, on Hidoki, here.

Indiehackers is fantastic for discussing your projects with other indiehackers, but Hidoki is more focused on enabling you to share and discuss your product with your users.

The simplest way to understand the product is to take a look at my workspace on Hidoki right here.

How does it work in more detail?

Anyone can post (public) projects on Hidoki describing what they're working on right now

project overview

Users and visitors can follow your projects to be notified when you post new discussions/updates

project thread

Users and builders can give feedback and discuss product ideas using threads

NB. Hidoki also supports private projects, so if you want to use it internally to track projects at your company you can - I have a few companies using the product like this already.

What's next?

Hidoki is still quite new, so some key features are yet to be built. I would love to hear any feedback you have. And of course feel free to comment/open a thread on any of my Hidoki projects directly. 🙂



  1. 2

    I always love scrolling through the feeds of people and companies who are building in public. So my feedback would be (or maybe I can't find it) is to add a discover page.

    It could be as simple as displaying a chronological feed of the latest post added by projects.

    Best of luck!

    1. 3

      Great idea. This could be good for the homepage as a way to display the most popular public projects.

  2. 2

    We're using this in our masterminds group for weekly updates, and it's proving to be very useful. Sort of like a product update focused version of GitHub issues.

    Would recommend checking it out and supporting another IndieHacker!

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