Landing Page Feedback May 7, 2019

Hingeto - What do you think we should change from our site?

Yaw Owusu @yawza

Feedback please!

We've grown thus far primarily via sales outreach and are now out of private beta.

Hingeto Supply allows its customers to adopt the same marketplace platform that transformed e-commerce giant Amazon from a seller of books online to a ecommerce juggernaut. We bring the same capabilities of their online marketplace of third party sellers.

What do you think we should change from our site? Is it easy to understand?

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    Let's have a look (I'm not super well versed in ecommerce, so take that into account).

    • "Add products from established brands to your store, risk free" I think that's a pretty good headline: it communicates a benefit and removes a potential risk (literally). What I would look into here is if it speaks well to your target market. Who are the stores you're targeting, what are their objectives, and how are you helping them? For example, if you're talking to larger businesses, what will interest them is not necessarily getting access to established brand per se, as much as "Increase your bottom line by enlarging your product line".

    • "Connect your store, expand assortment, drive more sales." (There we go — I'm literally taking the landing page bit by bit so sometimes I'm going to anticipate things that come afterwards). The "drive more sales" benefit is probably the overarching one, and maybe one you'll want to make more obvious (and possibly quantify). You can easily fall into the "too good to be true" headlines with things like "Want to increase your store's bottom line by adding products from household brands, risk-free?" but they're often worth a try.

    • The illustration is nice, looks original and professional — may be a bit too abstract for people to get exactly what's going on in 5 seconds. You could go with a more concrete example, for example the slides you had on the ProductHunt page to show the kind of stores users could connect to depending on their use case.

    • Customer logos do their job nicely.

    • The 3 benefits section could use a little headline to introduce it. "3 reasons why they use Hingeto" or something.

    • "Absolutely Zero Inventory Risk. We eliminate bulk buying budgets, warehouses, and all the risks that come with traditional retail." That sounds good, but I think as you get deeper into the benefits, you must start to explain how you do it. No inventory risk? How? You don't have to reveal the secret sauce, but there has to be something that at least sounds like an explanation of how you're doing that. You could also possibly want to emphasize what that risk looks like "No products sitting on your shelves earning you nothing", etc.

    • "Established Brands. We only work with real vendors, with quality products, who cares. We integrate with small indie brands to large billion dollar brands." (I think you probably have a typo in there? "Who cares" vs. "who care"?) That sounds interesting, but I'm not sure it's tied to a benefit enough. Am I going to benefit from their brand and sell more easily? That's also something you can emphasize by talking about the halo effect of those brands and how they'll reflect on how your store is perceived, etc.

    • "Recruit & Onboard Any Brand. From initial contact to to making your first sale, within days. Hingeto handles everything end to end." That sounds incredibly valuable if you handle all the annoying administrative stuff for me. Probably worth a section in itself.

    • "Access to unique products. Compete in an Amazon world. Sell products unique to your customer-base. A custom brand assortment strategy to help you differentiate in the market." The copy could probably use some work here. It sounds a bit like a bunch of buzzwords strung together. What kind of unique products? How are they going to be unique if they come from well known brands? What's a custom brand assortment strategy? It feels like you're covering too many points without enough depth here. What I understand (and I could be entirely wrong) from what you're offering would be phrased as something like "Make your store unique by curating exclusive items from brands your customers will love." or something.

    • "Integrate with Anything" Obviously super important to have that. One of the immediate objections you'll get otherwise is "Does it work with my (insert platform) store?" The more technical people here might appreciate a link to the documentation to see how the integration works concretely, what services you offer around that, and so on. I would test the language here too, I don't know if your customers talk about "standard operating procedures", of if it's even relevant here.

    • "Best Marketplace UI" Mhm. That's interesting, but probably not fundamental. Two points about that: 1) It's better to show it and to talk about it. There are maybe too few images from what the experience actually looks like currently. If you've got a badass UI, showcase it. 2) UI is important if it helps with something that's currently a struggle/annoying. What are you helping them get rid of? Same comment about language here: I would avoid terms like "backend" that might scare non-tech people (probably a sizeable proportion of the people you sell to?).

    • "Expert Service & Support" See, here come the services. Very important for B2B. I would drop the "100 combined years of experience" which is kind of a cliché. Be more concrete and talk about what you're going to do for me. What annoying things won't I have to do anymore? What results and improvements am I going to get?

    • "How it works" Probably a section that should come earlier to clarify where your product inserts itself in the workflow.

    • "Connect to your store. Install one of our apps to connect to your store." That's confusing because you haven't introduced the concept of "apps" before. "Connect to your store" is also ambiguous if we're getting knit-picky: when you tell me to connect to my store, I understand "connect to your store's website", i.e. go to your website. I don't think that's what you mean to say.

    • "Add unique products. Import a unique selection of hard to find products to your store" Does it matter if they're unique? Is uniqueness the main value you want to convey here? I think newness and relevance are probably more important (again, could be wrong): I want to add more products to my store to increase the number of options for my visitors, and I want them to be highly relevant to them and high quality.

    • "Drive more volume. Hingeto allows you to focus on driving sales while we will handle the rest" Straightforward enough. Next step would be to quantify it as much as possible, especially through testimonials/case studies.

    • "What people say about Hingeto" Little bit of press can't hurt. :)

    • "Hingeto gives you the super power to sell any product in the world, fast and easy." That's a way clearer/simpler way to convey your value proposition, in my opinion.

    Let me know if that helps. ;)

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      Super appreciate you for this feedback David. Thank you.

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      Wow @davidoudiette this is some EPIC feedback.

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        Glad you like it! I'd love to give you more feedback but I'd probably have to know more about the business/product. Let me know if you're interested.

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    It gets a bit busy down the bottom end of the site. I think it would benefit from expanding the white space a bit more. Don't be afraid of it.

    Just pad it out a bit more. It'll make the message on the middle of my screen more focused to my eyes.

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    @davidoudiette killed it.

    • I agree add some UI images.
    • "Best Marketplace UI" should be deleted.
    • Expand how it works and move it above features. Might have to redo features.
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    This is pretty perfect, except we dont really know which brand you're talking about, for the rest it's perfect and pretty interesting :p

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    That landing page looks awesome!

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      Thank you. Trying to see if it's clear what the company does? Since its a marketplace we focused on the retailer side. here is the more indepth explanation-