Hiring a Growth Marketeer

We are looking for a part-time Growth Marketeer at Dashword!

If you like SEO and content marketing, come work with us.

We are a small bootstrapped team of 2 (both technical) and need someone to manage the marketing side.

Dashword.com is a platform to optimize your content. We are post-launch with revenue.

  • Flexible hours / ~20hrs per week.
  • This is a paid position (possibility to get some shares later on)
  • Fully remote

If you think you'd be a good fit or would like more information, contact us at hello at dashword.com

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    Hello guys! I don’t want the job I just have a few questions as a content writer myself:

    • How is your product different from Frase?
    • How is it better than TextOptimizer?
    • Can I just cancel all my subscriptions for Frase, TO, Website Auditor and replace them all with your tool?
    1. 1

      Hi Alexandra,

      • Dashword is similar to Frase, although we only focus on creating and optimizing content, and making it as easy as possible.
      • I never heard of TextOptimizer.
      • We'd be happy to have you onboard, but we don't replace Website Auditor, so you might want to keep that ;)
      1. 1

        Do I only have one report on a free trial? It is not enough to fully understand the product

      2. 1

        Let me try it for a few days and I will give you my feedback. I manage a lot of content so I will take it for a spin!

  2. 1

    Hello @tompec,
    Just send you the mail. I'm doing freelancing in SEO and Digital Marketing.

  3. 1

    I love the word "Marketeer". 👍

  4. 1

    A good Growth Marketeer is worth her weight in gold.
    Wish you luck finding one.

  5. 1

    Good luck hiring growth markeeter! Hope you'll find good one ;)

  6. 1

    I have sent my profile now. :)

  7. 1

    Hello Tompec, Upvoted and commenting so that it reaches more people. Good luck


  8. 0

    Nice product, very useful for SEO. Nowadays it's more and more difficult to improve SEOs rankings. Here's a tool to help your growth marketer: https://www.indiehackers.com/product/growth-cards


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