April 17, 2019

Hiring practices for your business for the "undesirable" workers?


If you had to hire people for your business, what are your thoughts on having a preference edge cases that less desirable by most of their job market, for the sake of helping them get employment, and because you empathize with them?

I know that's already putting a risk on top of the existing startup risks but hear me out. I am a software developer with a "too many years as a junior" stigma at job interviews. Coupled with people telling me I have traits on the autism spectrum (although I never have gotten a doctor's diagnosis), that leads to a very bad time job searching. So that has driven me to do more personal projects, hopefully monetize one or two if possible. And if nobody wants to hire me, it's their loss.

But in the rare chance I do become successful at running my own business I want to give back to the people that are just like me, who had excessive troubles finding work because they don't fit the usual mold of an ideal candidate.

If you ever thought about hiring your own employees, have you thought about hiring approaches that are better at handling special cases and target less conventional candidates?

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    Hi @ccdev,
    Awesome idea! I think you'll find helpful resources if you try searching the terms

    • barriers to employment
    • hiring people with barriers to employment
    • removing barriers to employment
    • open hiring

    It also sounds like you might be a good candidate for designating your business as a social enterprise which could lead to financial support/tax breaks...I'm not an expert on how to register your business though, so please do your due diligence/further research.

    The Center for Open Hiring is an interesting organization that I just discovered and thought it might be worth pointing you toward (no affiliation with them, just interested in this topic) https://greyston.org/about/the-center-for-open-hiring/

    Good luck! Please share how your journey goes :)

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    I haven't thought about this too much, but it's definitely a worthy cause.

    What I really like is that you're focussing on the pain.

    Certain people do find it hard to get a job, and could be awesome if a company would just take a risk on them.

    I'm not sure if educating companies/hiring managers is the most effective way to solve the pain though...

    Have you thought about helping 'undesirable' candidates frame themselves in a more desirable light? A career/interview coach of sorts?

    Or perhaps you could work as a marketplace where you mitigate the risk --> you find the diamonds in the rough, companies pay for access/not to have to do the discovery work themselves.

    Those may be terrible ideas, I don't know. My point is more to focus on the pain and be flexible about the solution at this stage :)

    Good luck!

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