Landing Page Feedback June 6, 2020

Honest feedback on my landing page


Hi fellow indiehackers!

I have recently worked on a new landing page for my service, and would be very glad to get your valuable feedback. Don’t be afraid to roast me, all I need is to be aware of mistakes, lacks and confusion, so I identify improvements that need to be made.

Here’s the link:

Thank you all!

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    My biggest pet peeve about landing pages is the lack of being able to see into the app itself. Illustrations are cute, but screen grabs (and even little animations of things working) are better.

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      I definitely agree. For now this is the best I can provide but I am thinking about it for a while. My biggest concern is that I want to drive enough curiosity without showing the actual features. The reason is that I don't want the competition to see my "secrets" and also I want to drive enough curiosity to get leads, so I can engage the discussion, no more my prospects and try to schedule some live demo. Any idea what is the best approach I should have with these constraints?

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        I wouldn't worry about the won't win on features alone. Customers have lots of choices today and don't want to sign up for something unless they get some sort of reassurance it's for real.

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          Hey there,
          Forwarding to your suggestion (which tied with some other folks as well) I have added a "how it works" section after walking through the benefits. It's not disclosing the product itself but telling much more about how I fix their problem. Would you mind letting me know what you think? I hope that I am not too demanding.

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          Yeah I guess you're right. I'll have to see how to reassure them without disclosing too much. Thanks a lot, that's valuable feedback though!

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    I love the idea, I think that is a very widespread painpoint among people who have to rely on email for work. I think you do a good job of articulating the problem, but I felt the proposed solution wasn't immediately obvious. As per the other comments made here, I think adding a screenshot should really help to to communicate the value of the product better. Perhaps something that shows a cluttered inbox vs your proposed workflow.

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    I've given you a little bit of advice on this video right here

    but here's the main points:

    • Tell me about the issues that me as a potential buyer I am facing, then show me about the solution you're providing
    • Focus your explanation on the feature that will be part of the solution, don't write too much text, it's not worth it because people scan the page quickly
    • Can you show me evidence that your app works? If it works then why not show me some screenshots or videos of it?
    • I don't know why you hit me with a random testimonial in the middle of the first scroll...
    • Add a little bit of humanity to your "mission" page, it goes a long way!
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      Hey there,

      Thanks a lot for taking time to provide this great feedback. The video walkthrough is amazing and helps so much, really awesome. I'll work on your suggestions and I really agree with all of them. Will keep you posted once the updated version is live. But again, thank you so much, I'm super grateful for what you've done

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        I'm glad it could help! Fight till death to email unproductivity!!

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    "Wasting time due to email overload?
    We fixed it." -> The headline seems good to me, it talks about a problem I do have.

    "Bond makes your inbox crystal clear, effortless.
    Now you always know what matters and what to do. We mean it." -> I don't trust you. Tell me how.

    "You and your coworkers are wasting so much time with emails. Sometimes you even miss valuable items. Managing emails should not be rocket science. Instead, you just need instant and perfect clarity to focus on your duty." -> Still don't know what's going on. Tell/show me the real thing.

    "Basic simple, though extremely efficient" -> I'm halfway through now, still don't know what's going on, how you've beaten gmail/google in making it "more efficient".

    Meta-point - tell me your biggest value proposition sooner.

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      Hi again, I thought about your suggestions and aside to few improvements, I added a "how it works" sections after walking through the benefits. Would you mind letting me know what you think? I hope that I am not too demanding.

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      Thanks for your feedback, I appreciate it! You are not the first asking me to be more specific in regards to the solution, I guess it will be hard to skip this one. I'll have to think about it as I don't want to disclose too much for now. Still good feedback so thanks again!

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    Hi. Too many words and all of them miss the mark. Here's a challenge for you - create a headline with 5 words or less (try for 3). Post your best ones back here.

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      How about this?
      "Email overload?
      Stop wasting time."

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        I think it's better hbu? Btw inbox angel (com) is avail if you are interested.

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    1. The headline made me think (not in a good way) because it seems to try to tackle a few different things at the same time

    What is the one thing you will help me most?

    Example: Do you feel overwhelmed with 100s of unread emails in your inbox?

    1. The solution of being “crystal clear” and me knowing what to do is again not specific enough

    Can you tell me how my life will be thanks to you more specifically without using marketing lingo like crystal clear and effortless?

    1. The way it works / it’s explained I think needs examples from real use cases

    Like how some of us receive a ton of emails and we have to go through them to find what matters, take us through this journey and how it is with you compared to without you

    All the best!

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      Hey there, thanks for the feedback, all valid points!
      I'll try my best to modify accordingly. My biggest issue being to create curiosity without showcasing the actual solution, as I don't want competition to know how I di it, and also I want my prospect to drop their email so I can engage and schedule a live demo. If you have an idea of how I could do that I'll take it :D
      Thanks for all!

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        The worry about completion can be valid, but building a business is much more than the solution you have there

        And how hard is it for competitors to simply get an account and study everything anyway?

        Focus on solving your customers problems and giving them the best, don’t worry about anyone

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          Hey there,
          Forwarding to your suggestion (which tied with some other folks as well) I have added a "how it works" section after walking through the benefits. Would you mind letting me know what you think? I hope that I am not too demanding.

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            Not sure if it’s just me but it’s confusing

            I would like to see the how it works in example form (ex: Alice emails Bob) kind of story

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              ok I will try to put that together, thanks for sharing your thoughts again!

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    I'd change the button color from transparent to something that pops, like the same purple that's in the rest of the images (#6c63ff) with white text.

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      Thanks for the feedback, this one came back multiple times so I just fixed it.
      May I ask you what would make you curious enough to drop your email, and hat drives the fact that you would not?

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        I don't think curiosity is enough to get people to drop their email address. They have to relate to the problem you're solving and trust that your business solves the problem for them. That's the real challenge with landing pages and it's the reason social proof and testimonials are so effective in 2020.

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          Hey there,
          Forwarding to multiple suggestions I have added a "how it works" section after walking through the benefits. Would you mind letting me know what you think? I hope that I am not too demanding.

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            I like the "how it works" section a lot! The "Want to try it" button at the top doesn't link anywhere and it's a bit distracting. I'd either get rid of that button or fix the link put it somewhere further down on the page where you're not drawing attention to it. I hope that helps!

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              That's great. It's funny cause I knew about that distracting button an for some reason left it there. But real people always make you see reality as it is! --> the unnecessary button is gone ;)
              Thanks again for all!

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    • The nav is too tall
    • The "Join Waitlist" should have a purple background color
    • Find better images from
    • The "Serenity and productivity" section on the about page feels to centered. Add an image to the side to balance it out
    • The "Let off steam: Shout out to us how terrible email is to you" form title seems harsh. You want to make people feel welcome. When you say that, I might feel "mad" or "annoyed", then I might skip over that form
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      All great advice, I appreciate the feedback.

      Regarding the "nav is too tall", do you mean that the page is actually too long to scroll until the bottom, or that there is too much space in between sections, paragraphs, etc.

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        I mean that the navigation bar at the top (the one with your logo) is too tall.

        Make your logo smaller so the size of the nav bar can shrink.

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          Got it, that should be better now, thanks for the advice!

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            Awesome! Looks great 👍

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