Developers October 23, 2020

Hosting rec for batch job

Dom Marrone @dommarr

Novice here -

I need to run a simple script once a day.

What do you recommend to host and schedule this script?

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    I always prefer AWS. I'd use Cloudwatch event to set up a cron to trigger LAMBDA function. This solution auto scales as it's completely serverless.

    If your script needs to run for more than 15 minutes however then you can't use LAMBDA and in that case, I'd recommend using BATCH job on AWS with Fargate. That's what I do and has been working great. We run our nightly backup tasks as well as few one off scripts this way without any issue.

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      Thanks @sam26880. Ending up going this route.. CloudWatch + Lambda. Appreciate the tip!

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        Glad to hear I was able to help :) Hope it's working out well for you.

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    It really depends on what you need to do.

    I've used both AWS and Azure for this. I assume GCP and others have something similar. But none of those will work unless the activity is accessible to a process running in the cloud.

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      Thanks @whipdancer! Went with AWS. Appreciate the tip!

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