Growth January 6, 2020

How are you attracting B2B clients?

Nigel Washington @NLW

What are some strategies you can share with others on how to attract new clients?

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    I concur with the advice already given but also make your content really relatable aka don't be dusty. The easier it is for people to understand, the easier it is for people to follow. You will always create a different set of marketing tools for investors and shareholders. Your day to day content needs to be about the psychographics of the user and becoming a part of their daily routine.

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    I would also love to hear others tips here!

    At one of my businesses we run targeted email campaigns sent to companies' IR (investor relations) contact email. These emails typically reach high up in an organisation hierarchy, but I think it only works if you have a C suite level product for larger companies. This combined with manual calling - I would like to find more automatable ways to reach B2B clients.

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      Hi @agilejoshua

      Seems like you've only focused on outbound marketing / sales techniques. Have you considered the vast array of inbound marketing ideas? See a list here:

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        I've always liked the term "interruption marketing" because it's all too accurate. Although B2B is especially tough from an inbound perspective. You can publish the most beautiful, most relevant content in the world but if your target audience doesn't know they NEED your service yet, they aren't likely searching for it.

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          Hey. So the idea here is to start with top-of-the funnel content super-relevant and useful to your buyer persona, even if it only indirectly links to your product solution.

          That content makes them aware of you, or helps educates them on their problem, and therefore is the first step to sell your solution. It might just help you collect an email address or direct them to more content, but it's a start.

          Broadly, the funnel is

          Awareness - Education - Consideration - Close

          For SAAS, it can take several months and different content is needed for each stage.

          My Notion board is a good example of B2B inbound marketing, because it took 1 day to create, drove 200 email sign ups and led to 2 new clients.

          But I didn't create the board just to sell or talk about freelance marketers. It was to create awareness of me, deliver value and demonstrate the breadth of the marketing stack. This started conversations with my buyer persona.

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    Hey Nigel

    Here's a Notion board with 100 ideas for your first 100 users

    I would prioritise exploring content marketing; creating content, tools and ideas that help and inform your buyer persona, which can drive people into the top of your sales funnel.

    What is your project and who is your persona?

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      Hi! Thank you for sharing this. I operate a content creation/management service called Everscript where we create and deliver our clients unique content like blog articles and ebooks for a fixed monthly cost.

      We also manage some of our customer's blogs completely and will come up with topics, create content, and publish articles directly to our client's websites and social media channels each week on auto-pilot.

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        Hey again

        So your persona is a founder, maker or marketer who is looking to increase their content marketing output. Have you created buyer personas yet?

        I feel like your product is more a 'want' than a 'need'. It works well for people who want to tick the 'content marketing' box. But ultimately content marketing for most businesses is a way to create leads. Maybe think about how you position your product and marketing messages.

        Surely the natural thing would be to use content marketing - you could commission your own writers to do this. Find unique content formats and angles to drive audiences to your blog. Use this to drive people into your product sales funnel for a free trial.

        If you're struggling to get reach people through your content marketing, I've created a list of ideas to grow content marketing reach:

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          The buyer persona I've created is Founders, makers, and marketers of SaaS products and digital services that have websites with very limited or no blog content. I'm focused on these individuals because I obviously feel they have the most need for my service and could receive tremendous value from content marketing.

          I agree when it comes to positioning my product more as a lead gen service since like you said...that's what most businesses are after when they put their resources into content marketing.

          I really appreciate your feedback.

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            Your job is to make them aware of this opportunity and help them quantify that value. I suggest considering

            • Your own content marketing, implement marketing outreach and SEO
            • Focus on the value of content marketing in generating leads
            • A user tool or calculator to help them quantify the value of content marketing:
            • Paid search ads around content marketing
            • Community outreach with valuable content into sign up
            • Outreach through LinkedIn