Meta December 16, 2020

How are you consuming IH content?

Florin Pop @florinpop17

I'm was wondering how do you consume all the content there is on IH?

Are you reading all the new posts? Only those which are interesting to you? Only milestones? Only the ones which are sent out in the newsletter?

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    Follow a few groups. Mostly hangout at /newest. Trying to be more helper than consumer.

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      Always appreciate people hanging out in /newest and upvoting/commenting on stuff that they find valuable.

    2. 1

      That's a very good approach! Thanks! 😁

  2. 3

    The Following tab 😞

    1. 3

      I'll fix it eventually…

      1. 1

        No rush, it’s all good

  3. 2

    Visiting home page every couple of days, going backwards until I see to many already seen threads.

  4. 2

    home page, once or twice per day

  5. 1

    I'm pretty new and trying to get a good grasp on things. I'm using reddit and co since ages, but this is fairly new to me. So I'm def. open for suggestions and tips! :)

  6. 1

    I rarely get past the popular tab of the homepage.
    I check 2-5 post from there, comment if I think I can help and then Im off the site.
    I check the site multiple times a day though.
    Sometimes I check out few groups and the product directory.

  7. 1

    Nothing fancy. On the Indie Hackers home page, I regularly browse the Popular, Newest, and Following tabs and read interesting posts. Occasionally I also browse the Milestones and do searches.

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