Developers July 28, 2020

How are you monitoring your app?

Adriano Galello @gdi3d

I'm looking to build a hassle-free monitoring/observability tool and I will like to know how you are dealing with this today.

  1. Are you monitoring your app? (even a minimum up/down it's valid)
  2. What are you using?
  3. Was it hard to setup?
  4. Did you try different solutions? which ones?


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    Haha, time to do some advertising: :)

    I would honestly tell that it's not that reliable as uptimerobot which is a monster and mine is in beta, but I would ask if you have any features you miss there, so that I can improve my app. Plus, if you want to test it along with uptimerobot and you have a couple of urls (not 1000), I can make free subscription for a long time since I mainly need testing.

    What I personally loved along with other apps is @mattiasgeniar app, called

    Since uptimerobot looks like a dinosaur O_o

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      hahaha it's ok, thanks for the answer

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    I'm using uptimerobot for years. Easy to setup, free and does the job well.

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    I use Fathom and self-host it alongside my projects.

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    I run based on Cron jobs and is a great tool to monitor and let me know when my jobs fail to run.

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    Hello Adriano, I'm using which is basically like UpTimeRobot, but does 60s checks for free and has a better UX in my opinion. Disclaimer: I am the creator of HowFast ^^"

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      Looks cool! Thanks for sharing and being honest about it ;)

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    NewRelic, AWS CloudWatch, Pingdom, and PagerDuty

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    I use and digitalocean graphs to do basic monitoring. I have hooked both to slack alerts so I get notified on my phone when things go wrong.

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      Thanks for sharing. DO is getting better every day :D

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    1. Yes
    2. Uptime Robot
    3. Very easy to setup, just pass a URL to monitor
    4. Have used StatusPage, Pingdom, etc.
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    For feature usage tracking I started using MixPanel ( but then it was not enough for me on the free plan because the data retention is only for 30 or 90 days I don't remember well, then I switched to Amplitude ( and the free plan is enough for me. 10 million data points each month and unlimited data retention.

    And for bug tracking I use Sentry, I believe there's not a better alternative. Sentry rocks.

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    I use UptimeRobot for all the apps at work and several of my own sites. (UI could use some work, but it's very easy to set up and it has mobile notifications which are awesome)

    I use (plugged into UptimeRobot) to communicate my app status with the users.

    I use Amplitude to monitor page visits and certain behaviours in the app. (quite straightforward to set up, but requires some knowledge to make sure you make the most of it)

    And finally, I use my own platform Chartbrew to monitor the actual data in my database. (I'm biased on this one, so I'll leave it at that haha)

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      Chartbrew looks interesting, we can hook-up via Mongo right? Signing up now.

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        Thanks signing up! You can connect to Mongodb, yes 😃 Let me know if you need help with the setup

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      Thanks for the answering ;)

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    I get an email every morning that tells me how much usage its got. Its done with application logs going to papertrail and an email alert.

    Hotjar is the other big one. I love watching people as they actually use it.

    I also use GA and a basic uptime check.

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      Didn't know about hotjar, thanks!

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    App Center (
    free for most common usages, until you need more devops / device testing.
    Super easy to setup.
    Crash Analytics + Event Reporting

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      Thanks for sharing!

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    We created our solution. One of Seodity's features is the uptime monitor.

    Previously we used , which I sincerely recommend to this day.

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    1. I'm using
    2. I'm using their alert/notification the most
    3. Quite easy to setup
    4. I tried pingdom, but they no longer offer free monitoring.

    In short, I just wanted simple up time monitoring with alert/notification.

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      Yes, uptime robot is pretty straight forward. thanks

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    I'm using Amplitude ( and instantly fall in love.
    The way how it was easy to set up (with React Native), how easy it was to send events data (what buttons are clicked, what screens are the most visited, along with customized data).
    Above all, the dashboards are just amazing, with really intuitive data filtering by users' properties, custom events data.
    And cherry on the cake, it's free! (for my personal usage, they also have enterprise-grade pricing.

    I've used Firebase Analytics, but the tracking data you get are pretty hard to visualize and find some interesting insights, without having to navigate through dozens of tabs/menu...
    Moreover, the tracking is not as real-time as Amplitude, since I've heard somewhere that Firebase Analytics batches the analytics and only sends it once every X hours or something like that.

    On the other hand, Amplitude instantly sends everything right after the event happened, by sending I guess requests every time. I don't notice any significant impact on the user's phone battery so far.

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      Thanks for sharing! I'm currently building off of Firebase right now, so was planning on using its native analytics. You mentioned set up was easy with React Native. How would you compare set up with amplitude to set up with Firebase?

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        Setting up Firebase Analytics with React Native was easy if you use the react-native-firebase.
        But the data I get from it is not intuitive to dig into, I really don't like the analytics interface of Firebase, that really looks like Google Analytics, with a bunch of buttons/tab to navigate through before getting the information you need.
        And the fact that events don't fire and send in realtime wasn't suitable for my usage.

        Settings Amplitude is just a matter of creating an account on Amplitude, and npm install the package + pod install 😃

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      Thanks for sharing!