How are you using Facebook Lead Ads?

I just started experimenting Facebook Lead Ads to grow the Would You Rather audience and am at the point in my process where I'm just wildly testing all sorts of things (creative, audiences, etc).

I'd love to learn anything you all have discovered about what makes a Lead Ads most effective.

I don't think I've run enough of them yet to know how I can better improve my targeting, but that's my next step.

The one thing I've learned so far in my experimenting is that creative that shows an actual would you rather scenario is far more effective at generating sign ups than one that shows my generic open graph image.

👎 Default OG
Would You Rather

👍 Scenario Illustration
Would you rather be raised by wolves or turkeys

Are you using Facebook Lead Ads to grow your audience / userbase?
  1. No, I don't know what they are.
  2. No, I don't think they're effective.
  3. I've experimented with them, but don't feel strongly about them.
  4. Yes, they're a core part of my growth strategy.
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