Money March 9, 2020

How best to price & offer newsletter sponsorships?

Jeff Doan @jefff

I run a weekly newsletter,, and have my first real interested sponsor. I don't have a large list, but I've been very transparent with that, and in each email I share the previous email's metrics (opens, clicks, most-clicked link). I am curious on how others have started out on pricing models for sponsorships for a focused newsletter: flat rate, opens, clicks, etc.

Thanks for any suggestions =)

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    Most everyone starts out by throwing out a number. 50 or 100 in your currency works great as a starting price. If 50 and you sell it. I would double it after you get a sale.

    You can move to price by opens. Pick a CPM, maybe $50 if you dont honestly know. Or go as high aa $200 cpm if you have a highly targeted and hard to get readership.

    ( (Subs x Open Rate) / 1000 ) x $50

    You can also charge per click. Maybe $1 is competetive to FB, Google. But if you know your industry pays more for leads and CPA is higher, then you can charge $2 or $3 per click or more.

    What has worked for me is to have a high flat rate, then if negotiated down,i have math backing up any lower rate. Match the advertiser's KPI to a pricing model.

    The best is to be flexible and help advertisers get the most effective pricing for them as well as make it worth your time and effort.

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      Much appreciate the detailed answer here. This is the approach I am going with as well, flat for now, work with the sponsor to test how to drive the most value for them, and in turn for myself.


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    I run a 3k-subcribers newsletter. I started to charge 100€ for 1,000 subscribers. It's completely arbitrary. Some sponsors asked for a discount, some others didn't. Most of them didn't really care about this price.

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      Thanks for the insight! This is what I am going with as well (flat-fee) to start out with.

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    @louisswiss Can you help answer this?

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