April 25, 2019

How can I found a cool profitable product idea?

Misir Jafarov @misir

Hello hackers. I need your advice. I can't able to found cool profitable product ideas. I've built a lot of products but lots of them are useless or a little profitable (less than $10 a month 😟). I've learned a lot of stuff about programming so, now I wanna build some amazing products.


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      How do I apply to get on the list? :)

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    Hi Misir,

    I would say, no product idea is profitable unless you execute it well. If a very good product idea gets executed poorly, the result will be Zero. The only profit would be learning from that failure. But if a not so good idea gets executed well, it can be a good success.

    So every idea executed poorly is a sh*t. Execution is the king.

    To help you get started, I would say build a product that solves your own problems. Start using it. Share it with the like-minded audience. Collect their feedback, and keep iterating the product. This would help you get a profitable product idea.

    As you said that you have already built a few products, you can restart with one of them too. Start collecting feedback of the users; iterate and evolve your product.

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck

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      Thanks <3

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    Search reddit subs for people looking forward software solutions to problems.

    If you can find a market that you have an affinity with, you'll be in a much better position to sell your product.

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    The question you should ask: How can I sell this or that? Without sales an idea is worthless.

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    I really love this paragraph from the intro to @levelsio ’s Make book:

    💡 Idea
    Get an idea from problems in your own life. If you don't have problems that are original enough, become a more original person. Don't build products that are solutions in search of a problem.

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      And I’ll add one more from me:

      The simpler the product, the more chances it has to catch on.

      Get an idea from your own life, then distill it to the simplest form so that others may find it relatable and useful, not just you.

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    I'd say it all depends on marketing and how you present yourself. Maybe your not showing it to the right audience?
    I'd work on promoting your current projects.

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    Thats basically one of the hardest parts of building a product/business. There are lots of cool ideas but they are not profitable. There are lots of profitable ideas but they are already being done so you'll need a lot of work to compete. The key is finding a profitable idea that is not done (or not done well) and somewhat interesting to you atleast- this is possible but takes time, due diligence and lots of trail and error.

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    :( I also need to know this.

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