Growth August 17, 2019

How can I launch on Product Hunt?

Krishnan @krishnan_ubuntu

I saw a lot of posts where indie hackers have launched on Product Hunt.

However I do not see the option for the same.

Can someone tell me on how to launch producy on Product Hunt.

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    I've read a great article today that might be able to help you on that:

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      Thanks for sharing Ely! Glad you liked it!

      @krishnan_ubuntu I think what I wrote in this case study is quite a high level launch strategy. If you literally just want to get a product live Product Hunt wrote a more basic article and I'd also recommend using the Intercom chat widget and asking any more questions there.

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        No worries. It's worth sharing.

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        Thank you very much.

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      Thank you very much.

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      Thank you very much for sharing this.