Landing Page Feedback March 18, 2019

How can I make this better?

Chris @ChrisIsntSocial

I've been working on this project for a while now and after a few pivots, I think I am finally ready to step back and get some criticism!

Somm is a widget for restaurants to make their menus smarter, more powerful, and more engaging to prospective diners. So, it's a B2B SaaS product (all of the acronyms).

You can find it at The widget demo should pop up on the bottom right (if everything is working properly!).

I can't wait to hear all of your feedback, on the widget and the landing page itself. I am mainly looking at improving flow and making sure I have powerful copy.

As a prospective diner, would you use the widget in favor of a static PDF or JPEG menu? Putting yourself in the shoes of a restaurant owner, does the landing page convey value?

Thank you so much for your time!


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    First impression: Looks nice

    My feedback:

    • The title "Supercharge your restaurant with Somm, a personal assistant for your menu with powerful features and valuable insights." is too vague.
      Don't make people figure out what value your solution brings them. Spell it out for them.

    ie: "Supercharge your restaurant website with Somm so your guests can check out meals and offers faster and more convenient.

    • The image menu example that is in eyesight from the start is the same as the one I can open in the corner; perhaps change the image version so I don't "see it double" when I open up Somm.

    • The advantages under "Now" are too technically: restaurant owners dont care if its dynamic JS. Tell them it's beautifully styled and customizable (if it is). Filterable? On what? Does it let people see gluten-free and/or lactose stuff quickly? That will save them a lot of calls with questions about their menu > this is added value.. Check out the other points to, try to show the value behind the feature and tell it straight up.

    Hope this helps. All the best!

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      Thank you so much for taking a look!

      These are all great points and I will absolutely fold them into the next version of the website.

      I updated the demo to a different restaurant, so hopefully that demonstrates the customizability of Somm.

      Conveying the technical parts of Somm in a value-focused way is definitely the hardest part, as well as the most critical. Plain language and key value propositions are definitely the way to go.

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        nice to see that kind of customizability 👌🏻. All the best with your product and marketing it.

        If any questions arise, drop IH or me a line!

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    The concept is promising but a few thoughts to take this to the next level...

    • The name "Somm" is not highly brandable or conveys a purpose. I'm guessing that "MM" stands for menu maker, but consider changing the name altogether.
    • It's not clear how a restaurant will setup this widget from your homepage. Consider adding a 'How It Works' section with steps. Do they have to type in the entire menu into your SaaS admin panel? Maintaining menus for print, online ordering AND your tool is not going to be attractive and will be a major barrier to adoption. What if they could simply upload their existing PDF menu and the app converts to your widget automatically? (technically challenging but super easy for the user at least to start using your product and then perhaps edit or augment)
    • Mobile friendly - your site fails to load on iOS Chrome. Most diners pull up menus on their phones - this is critical to support a mobile first approach

    Hope this helps!

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      Thanks for taking a look!

      Somm is an abbreviation for sommelier, so I think that helps to convey the knowledge and power that the product has. I'm confident that my target market (restaurants) would be familiar with this terminology.

      I completely agree with outlining the onboarding process, which as it stands now is us taking over the manual entry from their PDF into the database. In the future a lot of this will be automated but reducing that pain point as much as possible is key.

      That's a really weird problem you ran into! I know I've been having some issues with the domain properly resolving for my landing page, but the app is hosted in a different instance and shouldn't face the same problems.

      Thanks again for your feedback!

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    My advice: You need a very concise description of what your product is. Write it. Re-write it and re-write it until it's as short and descriptive as possible.

    Also, I'm not really sure why a corner pop-up menu is a good thing. The following paragraph needs to be a concise, convincing argument/explanation why every restaurant website needs this widget.

    Next, it needs a bullet-pointed list describing features.

    My 2 cents.

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    Hey @ChrisIsntSocial, I like the idea! I think it would be incredibly useful to have on restaurant sites.