Growth October 18, 2020

How can I monetize this?

Nero @Nero_ceo

Hey guys so I'm almost finished building (this the landing page not the product) which is a tool that generates UI Design challenges that include project ideas, color palettes, font pairings, and illustrations libraries.
But the issue I'm facing now is that I'm not sure what's the best way to monetize it, The only ways I could think of monetizing it are:
1- sponsors (I'm not sure how to find them or how much they pay)
2- google ads (again not sure how much I can make from that)
3- selling a newsletter subscription where users can receive the challenges directly to their email (not sure how many people are willing to pay for this service)

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    What about for UI designers?

    So, you’d be selling to HR/recruiters who need to hire and evaluate designers—not sure if something like this exists for UI designers already but for software developers, there are multiple large players in that space.

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    If you are "this" good you could sell personal coaching sessions or paid webinars. You are apparently at least in parts in the coaching business which means you sell yourself. Note that you as individual do not scale so you want to create material that you can sell meanwhile because paid downloads scale. My two cents from the top of my head.

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    Can you look in your target audience's market and see what they're spending money on already? Can you provide a better/cheaper alternative to those?

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    I agree with those who say that this feels like it's additional digital content for a book. Something the reader can use to challenge themselves after working through your guidance.

    Regarding your logo, it's in a very similar vein to Tui Group (the airline). That could cause an issue downstream, if this becomes a success.

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    4- Create and sell a digital product. In my opinion, as long as you can create something that is useful, it will make multiples more than ads will.

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    Are you aware about ?

    You could do try something similar. Someone creates a contest and the winner gets paid for it. You make a commission.

    Another idea could be hosting challenges - winner gets some prize. You compile weekly challenges winners and send out inspiring design newsletter for a subscription.

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