How can we improve our pre-launch landing page?

How can we improve our pre-launch landing page?

👉👉👉 https://www.superthread.com 👈👈👈

Some context 👋:

My name is David and I am the founder of a collaborative software company called Superthread.
At Superthread, we are aiming to create the 🚀Fastest Issue Tracker🚀 that's 🙂Nice To Use🙂
* Why I started Superthread: https://youtu.be/sUvMzfvHdXk
* Our tech stack: https://youtu.be/mqs_pYRR3_8
* Why we are fully remote: https://youtu.be/wtmS39tdHb8

P.S. I would 👉 Love To Learn About Your Company 👈 and how you use issue trackers + documentation software.
So if you have time, 💬Chat 💬https://calendly.com/superthread/30min.

Do you think that our landing page message is clear?
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    It could benefit from a mockup/demo of what you're intending to build (or the actual product if you've build the UI already).

    The reason is that when you claim that it will be 20 times faster than Jira (a very established player with probably a lot of CDN and js optimization) it makes me think this can only be possible because Jira has a way more rich feature-set and takes up to a second to load, and Superthread just doesn't have to load much content. So, the mockups would prove to me that it's still possible to do everything I want in the app.

    Also I can't remember the exact number, but humans can't perceive a difference of ~200ms of web loading time, so aiming for 50ms might not even be necessary (or possible, based on network speeds).

    Anyway, good luck!

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      @camber - thank you for your super useful feedback. We are working as hard as we humanly can to have an MVP to demo. I Will let you know once it's there.

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    Well, on the landing page soon as I land it says nothing.

    You have to much line height on the title, and then under the folder the input. Make sure is the first thing they see if you want subscribers, in fact I would add an autofocus on that input.

    Also, on the paragraphs, you need to give them theire respective space, separate them from the paragraph the title in all those sections, is too compacted.

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    I want to read more info on how it works, what 3 types of projects/startups it fits best, what's the pricing and your story. You have 1/3 of the page for "join us", but a small sentence at the bottom will be plenty. Make the header shorter, so I can request early access without scrolling.
    Consider removing "we're hiring" section from the header, because common, would you ever apply to work in startup which is in the early access stage?

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    Think you explain the what your product is quite well but it's missing the Why part a bit as in:

    Why should I care as a user, taking more in terms of benefits rather than features,
    something like: Get your projects under control in the blink of an eye or Jira minus the painful wait time or Lose less time to manage your projects would be headlines that are saying the same thing that it's fast but also why I should care about it as a customer (I use Jira and I hate it, or it's slow etc etc.)

    Something like that, copy isn't perfect ofc but you get the idea 😁

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      Thank you, another super useful suggestion!

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    The message is very clear and your product is... very fast.

    I am not your targeted audience who have similar pain points so I don't understand how fast is 20 times faster, why should I care that your product is fast.

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      @donaldng Speed is not our main differentiator but it's something that is clear and easy to understand. Once we finish our MVP, I will do a video so you can see how it feels.

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    In the second paragraph, you have mentioned the "Fast and Delightful" instead of this you should define what will the benefit of having a fast issue tracker.

    For example- If you have built a fast engine that helps increase car max speed by 50 Km then you can write travel 1 km in 2 sec faster ( just assumption). That clicks the customer.

    Write down all the benefit to the user and show them on your website.

    Add some testimonial.

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      @ankur_unitalks Amazing feedback!! Thank you.

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    The "Fastest Issue Tracker Ever Made" - I think the font is waaay too big.

    I ​think a demo video of your website would do wonders.

    "Over 20 times faster..." - this is quite a big statement. Be ready to back that up. I've used Jira for quite a while, and hated it big time. Still, you need to explain a lot more if you want people to be interested. Like, for instance, do you do kanban boards? Do you have state-machine workflows (like, when your issue goes from a state only into another fixed number of possible other states)? Jira/Confluence are huuuge, you need to show what part of that you've actually implemented.

    Good luck!

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      We will be doing a video within the next 30 days. Super useful feedback.

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    I am not an expert on Landing Pages design but I have a few examples over at GrowthHunt.co (a curated database of growth strategies posted by indiehackers) that maybe of use to you.


    1. 1

      Thanks, will check it out.

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    In my opinion I think it needs a better value prop. So far the page really only tells me that your product is fast, very fast! But fast at doing what? If I'm a Jira or Confluence regular I may convert but to everyone not familiar with the app I'm only given a slight peak into what you're going to do for me.

    Also, since your main draw seems to be your speed, I think it'd be better to phrase it like a pain point. Like maybe having a little animation of those three typing dots ... with text next to it saying "Tired of waiting for that important message?" or something like that. Right now I'm only told that you're 20x faster than Jira/Confluence (which again if I'm not a user I have nothing to base that off) and further down that you take just 50 milliseconds. That'd mean your competitors only take 1 second? You'd have to sell me on why thats not good enough.

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      Excellent feedback, thank you @Harrjm

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