How Courtland Allen Built Indie Hackers

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    Incredible story. @csallen 🙌. Proud to be part of this community! I just shared my first post to help folks selling SaaS (120+ resources). Would love your feedback.


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    Stripe mission is to increase the GDP of the internet.

    @csallen did a brilliant job to identify problems in existing communities and build Indie Hackers. I guess CS goal or mission for IH is to bring people together who are makers, bootstrappers building Internet products to have a meaningful life. And Not to create world changing products by taking VC money.

    And Stripe's mission and Indie Hackers's mission is so well aligned. What a combo!

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    A wonderful #breakdown of @csallen 's chat with Ben Tossell of Makerpad on how he built Indie Hackers... step-by-step. For instance:

    So grateful for Courtland modeling a "build in the open" spirit!


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