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How did you choose a name for your personal blog?

Aleix Ramon @AleixHere

Did you just use your name and surname? Perhaps a pseudonym? Or did you use something different than your name as a domain name? Why?

Some background: After working on a couple of business blogs, I'd like to start a personal blog. But since my name's spelling (and pronunciation) can be tricky to remember, I was considering using a pseudonym or some kind of variation of my name. Like Alexis.

Another option would be to use something different as a domain name. For example, if I talk about productivity and music I could call it "theproductiveartist (dot) com". But since the topics may change over time (it's a personal blog after all) I believe the name could become outdated.

I'd like to hear your point of view and how you did it, and perhaps get some ideas from that.


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    I like penguins, and I like lattes.

    Taking a nod to Starbucks. It's a coffee company, but what does "Starbucks" have to do with coffee? So, what do penguins and lattes have to do with what I write about?


    That, and I spend way too much time complicating names by spending hours on

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      That's a good point of view. Penguin Latte is definitely memorable!

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    I started my blog to help my coworkers begin the process of practicing self care. We are in healthcare and usually put ourselves last. I would joke around with them and say ‘who is taking care of you?‘. This led to my private FB group and website. Hence the name I post 4-5 times in the group and once a week on the website. Lots of physicians use their name but I thought this approach was better.

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      Thank you for your story. And what a noble task you have!

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    I have one that’s my real name which now just leads to a landing page. My personal site has since moved to; the name is an extension of my personal life. I have five kids and they’re a project.

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      A landing page leading to all your sites seems like a good idea. I'll keep it in mind, thank you.

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    I think a personal name is always good. That's what I did, and as you said it allows you to change topics. Having a unique name such as yours is even better because people will remember it.

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      How did you name yours? Name and surname?

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          Hey, your blog looks pretty good! What did you use to make it?

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            Thanks! I made it with a Gatsby template from LekoArts.

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    If it's personal, use your name, don't be shy about it, we'll follow the hyperlink and create a bookmark for it. We don't need to pronounce it correctly, just good content. The downside of it is that it's hard to sell in the future.

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    If you mean the domain name, for my personal blog I went with a subdomain like of my domain, which is my full name. I elaborated on this strategy here.

    This leaves the option of easily changing the blog's actual name or focus, but using your full name involves the issues you mentioned.

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