April 10, 2019

How did you find your developers?

Etienne @easyE

I'm looking for a full stack freelance developer to help me with an MVP I'm working on, but it's proving quite a challenge - how did you find yours? Upwork?


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    Have you tried codementor?

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      Guy from Codementor here ✌️ Thanks @tommichew!

      @easyE you can try visiting us at hire.codementor.io!

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        I'll check it out thanks!

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    I've spent over $100K on Upwork hiring engineers and contractors and so i built a solution to keep myself in budget and help manage the projects. https://seller.lpages.co/upbuddy/

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    Upwork (https://www.upwork.com) for me.
    As it's easy to hire/fire, you can start with a small task to assess quickly if you see yourself collaborating long-term.

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    Hey @easyE, I am a full stack engineer and indiehacker from the same timezone. If you want, you can reach out and we'll see if I can help. I love Vue myself and on the backend I prefer working with Python/Django.

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    You can rent developers, designers from www.designpac.net

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    other places I'd look:

    • tech meetups in your city if its a big city (new york tech meetup is huge here)
    • technical forums and discussion boards (specific to the technology you are trying to solve on)
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    Hi @easyE
    engineer here, and yep, it's quite difficult to find devs who know what they're doing.
    happy to discuss what you're working on / offer guidance. with more details I can either connect you with someone in my network or my own team if needed.

    [email protected]

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      Awesome, I'll ping you an email

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    As a developer myself, when I need to outsource something I just contact my network. It's incredibly hard to find someone that isn't total rubish. What do you need done?

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      I need someone to tidy my front-end app in Vue, create a backend api serving data to the front end, and package up the whole thing to deploy it.

      Pretty basic stuff - read only / display the basic data tiles (only 8k rows spread over 4 categories).

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      hey! i'm looking for someone experienced in JS (& maybe typescript) for a basic chrome extension mvp... know anyone who would be open discussing further?

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        hi @bubsolow I built some in '17 and last yr. happy to discuss further / offer guidance and if there's a fit, help take it further. [email protected]

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