January 13, 2021

How did you get to $1M in annual revenue?

Justin Jackson @mijustin

I'm particularly interested in SaaS companies:

  • How long did it take you to get to $1 million in ARR?
  • What were the key drivers for getting traction?
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    About 4 years for us at EmailOctopus!

    There were no silver bullets, just compounding growth and showing up each day. 90% of our traffic and revenue comes from non-paid sources, so building a brand has probably been the most important thing.

    1. 2

      What wouldn't you focus on, in hindsight?

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        Facebook ads we've never managed to make work. Every year or so we speak to a new agency or marketer who raves about them, but everytime we've engaged someone to work on them the figures have just never added up.

        I think one key has been at each stage of the process, to create a valuable product (by solving a need), which is bug free and offers an excellent user experience. We've gone from essentially just having an email editor to send emails out over Amazon SES, through to a fully fledged platform and although our feature set has moved quite slowly our focus has always been on offering exception value at a reasonable cost.

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          Thanks. Definitely agree with the Facebook part. With a few exceptions I've never seen it really work (at least not for B2B/dev products). Affiliate and content marketing seem like better choices.

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    Not there yet, but soon 😅.

    At the moment our traction comes from our GitHub, blog and Twitter.

    The underlaying key driver is to provide a valuable service for a lot of people. I recommend Compete against luck on this topic.

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