April 19, 2019

How did you get your trademark?

Noah Prail @nprail

If you have applied for a trademark successfully, how did you do it? Did you use a lawyer? A service like LegalZoom? Or did you do it yourself? How much did it cost in total?

I'm looking into getting a trademark (see this recent post) so I am wondering which route is the best. I don't have a huge budget for it so I am wondering if the cheaper options are any good.

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    I got my trademark without hiring any lawyer.

    However, I would highly recommend to use a lawyer instead of filing it on your own. An approved trademark that can't be enforceable is a waste of money.

    When there is a conflict in your trademark application, you need to respond to office actions. In such cases without a lawyer you will be lost.

    Hope that helps

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    Any cheap sources?

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    Used a lawyer at an expensive firm; cost $2,500.

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    I got one through Legalzoom 9 years ago. Cost around $700 IIRC

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