How did you land your first beta user(s) and/or customer(s)?

Hi fellow IHers -

I'm working on an calendar app and wanted to get some folks lined up for some feedback on the MVP before pushing hard on marketing the app.

Does anyone have any tips they'd like to share on how to land beta users? What steps did you take that were successful or unsuccessful?

Additionally, did your beta users turn into your first customers? Did you change strategies when acquiring beta users vs. customers? If so, how?

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    I simply reached out to people, told them what I was doing, and asked if it might be of interest to them. I had a background in sales, so this wasn't too scary, but because I hadn't done it in so long it did feel kind of awkward. But now I do 30 sales activities a day, and it's kind of my new normal. In the early days, I did it in waves, and in this order.

    1. Product people I know and respect (this was mostly to catch anything embarrassing)
    2. Wider tech community of people I respect
    3. Close professional network (through linkedIn)
    4. More broader professional network (through linkedin)
    5. Possible ideal customers I don't know (through linkedin)

    But then by then, we had some content stuff happening at OHNO.ai which was bringing a few organic ones in, so we were kind of managing both streams at once.

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    I had a B2B calendar efficiency thing I built and looked to test. Asked a whole bunch of people who use calendars in my network. Most people will say yes, but many will not be good testers.

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    I asked a lot of my friends from school to help test new service / projects.

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