April 1, 2019

How did you solve your SaaS website conversion problem?

Thomas Richards @tRichards


For those of you who have had traffic, but lacked conversions. What did you do to solve the problem?


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    When we had a conversion issue the first step was gathering as much data as possible. This meant a deep dive into analytics to see exactly where and when users were dropping out of the flow. Sometimes it's just a badly designed page but usually it's a combination of factors such as not having a clear and obvious benefit described to users, a seamless flow through the sign-up process etc.

    I installed Hotjar, which is a service that records users sessions, and we'd watch hours of users clicking about the site, seeing what seemed confusing, where they lingered on pages and so on. This lead to us realizing that the checkout flow was too long and the credit card form didn't make customers feel like they could trust it (lots of hovering about, half filling in the form, clicking over to the about page & legal pages and back) so we redesigned the whole thing with trust and security in mind.

    Even the redesign was done with gathering data in mind. We used optimizely to provide multiple versions of pages throughout the flow so we could A/B test them for conversion rate. This led to some surprising choices on the page designs. Users often prefer layouts and designs that are far simpler and basic than a professional developer/designer might put together. As I said, the key to improving conversion rates is gathering data and then acting on it in a scientific way. Good luck!

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      Hotjar for the win!!!!!! Thank you so much. I had no idea that existed

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    You can use Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) tools like session replay to look into how site visitors interact with your website. Make adjustment accordingly and see realtime results on how it affected your conversion rate.
    There are many great CRO tools in the market but I would definitely recommend you trying out my product howuku.com, we offer Visitor Recording service with a forever free plan. Cheers.

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      does howuku work with a Wix site?

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    Do you have existing converted users? If you do, dig into why they love your product and how it changes their day/lives and use that data on your website. Their words, their language, and then more people that are like them will convert (that's the idea behind it anyways)

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    You do need data to determine why. The quickest way is to provide a live chat feature where you can ask the question, "Is there a problem you are looking to solve".

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    Hi Thomas ,
    You may create a Call-to-action page when a website visitor clicks on a call to action of your site page, which includes a form which used to collect the visitor contact information when the visitor fills it and submit it he becomes your lead.

    Plus, we all publish relevant content but may not get expected visitor on our website.

    For the same reason, we started outreaching to the audience with a tool like AeroLeads and woodpecker.

    For getting more views, it is most important to create a community around our product.

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    Where is the traffic coming from? Intent of the traffic is very important.

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    One of the key areas to review here is how they enter the website. Lots of traffic does not mean intent based searching. If they arrive via organic for a high volume keyword it could be part of a research project or simply reviewing. Start with checking your search console for the highest driver of traffic, determine if there is any basis for showing intent.

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