April 16, 2019

How do floating chat icons in website work ??


Hey guys, I was wondering how the floating chat icons on website work ? Is it based of any service. I want something like that for my website . Do I need to build it myself.

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    Totally a thing. Intercom's the big one, but there's quite a few competitors.

    You have two options: build a decision tree (if you know what people typically ask, this is pretty popular) or do live chat.

    If you do live chat, I've heard it recommended to have one that connects to Facebook messenger -- easier for you to use, plus increases your response time for your Facebook page.

    That said, I haven't actually implemented one for Sunshower.io because I PERSONALLY find them very annoying and churn off pages faster with them, even though I know it supposedly increases conversions. 😂

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      Thanks, why don't ppl do it themselves...??

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        I mean, you could. That's sort of a business in and of itself, though, isn't it? Some folks will always prefer to build in-house, but if I see something external that's super useful and worth it, I use it! Plus they've ironed out all the kinks already.

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    Is it based if any service?

    Yes, there's multiple services offering that. You need to create an account on their website and they give you a piece of javascript to put on your website that will install the chat bubble. You don't have to build it yourself.

    I'm currently building a tool like that and it will allow you to send all (or a portion) of your chat to an external chat center of your choice (ex: when you're closed and spending time with your friends/family and don't have the time to respond to your customers yourself). Let me know if this is something you'd like!