How do I approach teenagers online to promote an app without being creepy?

I'm 30 years old guy working on a chat app that, by my research, is only interesting to teenagers.

This kind of app has a better chance to take off if a group of friends is using it, so in my case group of teenagers who are friends, who go to the same school or such.

How do I approach teens without being creepy?

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    hire a social media intern who can approach them. Don't talk to them directly...teens or no teens, I don't think its ever a good idea for the founder to directly approach their business model to the end customer.

    Also, writing articles that attract ur audience on your website might help as well. You don't need to scout for them. Just set up a few portals or hire an intern who can post crappy reels to reel the teens in.

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    You're not the person to do it. You need someone who already has a teen audience.

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      Like an influencer or marketer?

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    Ask other teens to do it?

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      Yeah but how to approach them

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    Some info here from the FTC: https://www.ftc.gov/tips-advice/business-center/advertising-and-marketing/children. There are some guidelines for doing it, and then also you have to be super careful if you're collecting customer data from kids under the age of 18; privacy laws protecting them are much more strict.

    From a content standpoint, I'd say that marketing to kids should be held to a high standard, but it's the same standard as all marketing: be honest, be transparent, be kind, don't be manipulative, don't use their data for bad stuff.

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