Ideas and Validation November 22, 2020

How do I ask for pre-payment during problem validation?

Adithya @adithyak

I'm working on validating a problem right now. I'm going about it by finding people and talking to them on a Meet call / phone call. If I build it, this solution would be for the company but not necessarily a team buy - (ie) it can potentially be bought by the individuals without much approvals.

My questions are:

  1. how do I go about asking interested folks to put up pre-payment for this solution?
  2. Have there been any approaches that worked to get pre-payment, and have there been any that backfired?
  3. Would you always count reluctance to put up pre-payment as invalidation of the problem being important?

Since I have not done sales till now, apologies if these questions are too trivial.

Big thanks :)

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    Trying to pre-sell your products to the customers could be tricky in the best of times as people could easily get defensive once they realize you’re trying to sell them your product. The key is to be clear in your communication and emphasize on how your product could solve a genuine pain problem for them.

    Emails can be an effective medium to communicate your plans to the customers, and I would suggest you start with an email to build rapport, authority, and to deliver value followed by a mail where you take the opportunity to talk in greater detail about the problem you’re solving for your prospects. The more you agitate those pain points, the more people who have those problems will feel you empathize with them.

    It’s not always easy to do pre-sales due to a lot of different factors, but I feel you are on the right path as you have already identified your target market and even had conversations with them. Try to extract as much information as possible during these conversations to give you a better idea of the user persona of your target audience and their buying habits, which might have a bearing on how you decide to approach them.

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