April 12, 2019

How do I get users on Slack to use my product?

Arpit Maheshwari @arp19690

Firstly, a big HELLO to all the awesome people out there.

I have recently launched a new app for Slack (slack.boffinbot.com). I am having a tough time marketing the product and getting early bird adopters who could use the product.

I am a developer and do not have much experience with #marketing. Can someone help me with tips and suggestions on how to do it?

That would be really helpful. :)

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    You should provide more information how the bot works on your landing page.
    My gut reaction was "Hmm. This is interesting, how does it work?", followed by "Oh, I have to schedule a demo with the company to learn more". Nobody is going to do that.

    Provide a screencast that shows the functionality and people might sign up.

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      I agree with this. I want to know how this works.

      So maybe that first image on your page should be behind a video that shows exactly what it does and how

      Also think about adding a "how does it work" section to your nav?

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    Definitely integrate a video into your beginning section to show what your bot does.

    The other thing will be to think of some unconventional ways to market your product. Try different channels, like posting to reddit, sponsoring newsletter or cold calling/ emailing. Only if you test a lot of things you can find your own traction channel.

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    Great site. well done!

    My first thought is there are Too many words in your "above the fold copy". There should be a simple tagline that grabs the casual user.

    Asynchronous standups and time tracking? meh.

    [Track your time without leaving Slack!
    Why do all tedious work of time tracking when Slack can do it for you? ]

    [Daily Standups that don't suck!
    Just answer 3 easy questions and boom! all done.]

    then a button that says "see how it works", that either takes them to the video, or loads a special page that walks them through the process.

    I dunno. something like that.
    You built something amazing, get people pumped about what you built you know? lol

    Also try to sell the two things separately. Daily standup and time tracking don't necessarily go together, so you might want to build seperate videos and pages to explain each