Ideas and Validation April 6, 2020

How do I reach my target market to get feedback


Hello all!

I will keep this short. I have identified a problem and a potential solution. Next thing I need to do is actually contact the individuals this product is for to further understand their pain points and develop the idea and possibly pivot. I am not sure where to find these individuals, especially since I have not made the product and don't have much to show for. The individuals I would most like to speak with are:

  • Early-stage startups/small businesses
  • First-time managers
  • Businesses that use HR platforms e.g. bamboo, greenhouse

Any idea where I can reach these guys?

Do you think it would be helpful to create a landing page for what the product could potentially be so people have something visual to go off? Even though it doesn't even exist (yet 🙏)


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    There's probably no 'one' answer to this, I'm afraid. As ever, it'll take a lot of effort and perseverance!

    Here's some ideas that might work:

    • Post a call for 'research participants' on LinkedIn, ask others to share
    • Do the same, but pay for the post to get boosted
    • Look for relevant meetups/events to go to
    • Ask anyone you've already spoken to for a referral, and pay them a little for each person they bring in
    • Look for customers of BambooHR, Greenhouse etc on and look for 1st or 2nd degree connections there

    And finally, forgive the plug, but you could use our tool - - to find people too.

    Hope that helps!

    Finally, I've been advising a startup in this space (who have a tool that supports managers), so if you want to talk in a little more detail just shout. Happy to help if I can.

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      Thank you so much for the comment, it definitely helps and gives me a starting point. Also, looks like a super helpful tool! I will be sure to give it a go a little bit down the road. Thanks again :)