May 16, 2019

How do i Repurpose Existing Drag & Drop Tool?


IH Fam, We built a product for reports that uses drag & drop.

The software basically has a number of widgets on a list that can pulled on to a dashboard, resized, deleted, re-added & so on.

One of my friend is looking to dabble with SaaS and my first thought was to repurpose the code we already have. I'm trying to get your suggestions on different use cases for this kind of software.

How can i repurpose this software for another product?


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    There are lots of drag-and-drop libraries out there, for example Draggable JS (which is also one of my favorite landing pages). In my opinion it's not that all that novel, and thus won't really be a competitive advantage in anything you build, and thus you shouldn't spend time trying to salvage it "just because."

    Speaking more broadly, it's generally not a great idea to build tech and then go in search of a use-case. This is true even for people who've built things that are absurdly rare and impressive and won't be copied by anyone else for years. It's fine in science, where the goal is just to do new stuff. But in business, you need to do stuff that people will actually use and pay for.

    You're 1000x more likely to be successful if you start with the customer, their preferences, and their problems, and you work backwards from here to try to figure out what your product looks like.

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      Real simple & accurate down to earth advice. That helps a lot !

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