May 8, 2019

How do i start landing customers


Hello Indie Hackers,

I am looking to make some extra income, but i dont know how to land clients.

I currently work as an SEO Manager, but i also provide in-depth growth reports on both a marketing and revenue level, i also have experience developing custom WordPress websites.

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    Those were very good addition to getting the word out about your site on places like product hunt ...there are also these

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    1. Tap your existing network
      Create a site using, concisely explaining the value you bring to the table + strong case studies with demonstrable results. Reach out to your existing network to let them know you're available for side gigs.

    2. Freelancer platforms
      You can try freelancer platforms (Fiverr, upwork, cloudpeeps, clarity, freelancer, etc) but just a heads up: SEO/WP work is pretty commoditized and saturated.

    3. Cold Outreach
      (a) Pick a niche that can benefit from SEO work i.e. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gyms (Large cities where real estate costs are high - non big-box gyms typically lease out basements or 2nd floor but without a visible retail presence. i.e. SF, NYC)
      (b) Create a spreadsheet with a list of BJJ gyms in a 100 mile radius (The goal is to get at least 100)
      (c) Fill out: business name, phone #, email, owner name, website address. You can eventually hire this out at $3-$4/hr from You can also use services like or to discover e-mails
      (d) Launch a drip email campaign. Split up the email list of 100 with two different outreach copy/strategy to A/B split test for efficacy. Use or similar to automate the entire process for you. Write highly personable / human/ informal copy. Have at least 10-12 email sequences stretched over 5-6 weeks. Google for effective starting templates. Mix in a few cold calls.
      (e) Offer a no-commitment free SEO audit. Either a written documented audit or screencast it using Loom or soapbox. It'll show your expertise.

    Cold outreach is effective when done right. Do not stop outreach until you hear a hard "no". I have done B2B outreach where the average # of interactions (emails, calls) I've sent out before converting to a meeting was in the 8-12 range. Most people give up at < 4 in fear of being annoying.

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    Maybe a good way to start is to do some cold outreach to companies and marketers that live in your area. You can possibly offer some free engagement for 2-3 months in exchange for social proof. After 2-3 months and you have driven ROI, you can do something recurring as a paid service? Your first 50-100 customers can be acquired with just pure hustle and grit from within your network.

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    Hello Rudolph!
    Have you tried to advertise your services on platforms sur as Fiverr or Malt?

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    What have you done to communicate what you are offering? Do you have a website?

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    Thank you so much guys, this is incredible resourceful.

    I took your your advince @Rosie Sherry i created a website -

    @Tony Chan - took your advice i will start giving out free trial for 30 days.

    @huhlistic and @SUPERVILLAIN i am working on your advice.

    Thank you so much again, i highly appreciate it.

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