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How do I write better copy?

Casey Wilcox @makr

Hey everyone, I suck at copywriting. That's it.

I am building a shared inbox app for customer support, sales, logistical, property/rental managers(pretty much anyone who deals with customers/clients with a team).

How do I improve? I would like to hire someone, but my budget doesn't call for that currently. has current copy

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    Read the Boron Letters.

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      Thanks! I will check these out(Thanks @bnchrch for linking)

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    One, don't be too hard on yourself! You do not suck at copywriting. Your copy is fine, certainly with room for improvement, but ALL copy can be improved.

    Two, approach every pitch, email, ad, landing page, anything that has copy, like a marketer. We are exposed to so much good and bad copy in a single day that we can learn from. Next time you get an email from your favorite brand, or a company you admire, analyze the copy. Really think about the word choice and the phrasing and whether it compelled you to act or not.

    Three, writing copy for a broad audience is HARD. When you try to connect with everyone, you connect with no one. Right now, it seems like you're selling to too many different groups.

    Which customer segment can find the most value from what you're selling (and which customer segment are you more passionate about serving), and how can you write directly to them? If you pick customer support, how can you write to the pains of customer support? They will be different than that of a property management team.

    Also, I tried to sign up but the form didn't submit!

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      Thank you for the feedback & tips. I agree about the broad audience part, my product can be for literally anyone with clients and a CS team.

      Your last paragraph is what speaks the most to me, something that I never thought about. Thank you!

      Also, I did get your sign up - there should have been a soft confirmation but no email reply(yet)

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    I can recommend learning from Neville Medhora. He’s got tons of free resources for writing copy on his blog at

    He’s not one of the “big gurus” but his style of teaching is fun and he keeps it simple. Ideal if you’re wanting to learn basics. He’s worked with Noah Kagan (for AppSumo) and helped Sam Parr (the hustle).

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      Thanks for the link.
      I joined there but what I can only see there is a paid stuff. Will you pls tell me where to find the free stuff there.
      Thanks again.

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        On desktop look on the right sidebar for categorized blog posts depending on what you’re looking to learn about. On mobile it’ll be way down at the bottom of the page.

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      Thank you for this link! I will check these out and see what I can learn.

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    Who am I as you customer?
    What is my pain?
    How do you fix my pain?

    If you can that all in 10 words or less total you got a great start.

    For a landing page that might be good enough.

    For like great sales copy you have to identify with the customers even more and tell a story that would resonate with them, about the pain, drive that deep, the transformation and the new Utopia, see the future and possibly..

    You can learn about copy just the same as any other skill

    P.s. that page is not mobile friendly.

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      Thank you for the points, I will start working from there.

      And yes, sorry - just started the website, no mobile yet

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    Hello !
    Maybe you could find what you want on

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      I thought about fiverr, I worry about the quality.

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    As someone who never thought she'd become a copywriter, I think the thing is to just constantly write and make a habit out of it, no matter how big or small the efforts are. Whether I'm writing copy or longer articles for, I find the hardest part is always starting and staying consistent, but it gets easier once you make a habit out of it!

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    you just dont.

    start asap with the bare minimum of copy, test ctrs and conversions and slighlty iterate on your copy.

    your copy is good, I've seen worse

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    Work on your skills, take inspiration from others, read more and write more. You can do it own your own.

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