Meetups February 19, 2020

How do we get a space for our first meetup

Juan Cruz Burolleau @jcdb95

Hi everyone! I am happy to announce that this Friday we are having the first Indie Hackers Meetup in Buenos Aires!

About a week ago we had everything set-up to throw our party at a really nice co-working in Palermo (a touristy area in BA) but the guy who made the connection (he just works in this co-working space) for this place turn us down 1 week from the meetup.

So i started publishing in my social networks if anyone has a place that can be used for our meet-up and eventually a friend of mine gave me the contact of a guy who OWNS a co-working place.

I call this guy and i offer him a no-money-involved partnership, we will include him on our newsletter and our website in exchange of a place for our meetup. He didn't just say yes, he also offer us a bunch of discounts and he want to be our host for several meetups! Wait! it doesn't end there! This guy's co-working place is the same place that we were offered in the first place! Isn't that crazy?

Anyway, I want to write about how do we get a place in a co-working place for our gathering because i used all my indie-hackers-skills to get our purpose.

If anyone lives or is in Buenos Aires this Friday is more than welcome to join us!

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    FYI if there is a WeWork there, you can host there for free.

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      What? Really? How so?

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    It's amazing what one can achieve by just asking!

    If you're in Buenos Aires and would like to join the meetup, here's the event.